We use a team of senior students to assist the chief instructor with all our little lions classes. Our philosophy is based on years of experience of our little ones responding better to young friendly smiling faces. Our team are all trainee instructors on our Association coaching programme with years of Karate experience and competition success - always an inspiration to our lions.

Did you know?
Many of our little lions coaching team started their Karate journey in the little lions class, including our chief instructor.

Little lions coaching team

little lions chief instructor - Sensei emmy knight - 3rd Dan

Started Karate aged 3


Emmy has been training in Karate for many years, the first graduate of the little lions club and has a wealth of experience gained from training with many highly respected instructors including Sensei's: Nukina, Nishimura, Okumachi, Vince Parker and many more. She began her training privately at home with her mom, Becky and later privately with Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan. She has attended hundreds of traditional and sport Karate courses.


She has competed all over the world winning over 150 medals and an amazing 14 international medals including world cup bronze and 5 european golds in both Kata and Kumite disciplines.


See Sensei Emmy's full bio and list of achievements at our Association site by clicking here


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little lions assistant - Sensei kelsey evans - 1st Dan

Started Karate aged 5


Kelsey has been training in Karate for over 8 years and has travelled all over the UK and internationally competing in Kata and Kumite. So far she has won over 20 medals with one being a Wado European Bronze.


She started Karate after watching Karate Kid and begged her parents to take her to Karate classes. Kelsey was awarded her 1st Dan senior black belt aged 12 being one of the youngest students at Sakura to take a Dan grading. She has been assistant to Sensei Emmy in the little lions classes for 3 years. Kelsey is also another graduate of the little lions club.


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little lions assistant - Sensei Isaac Grice - 1st Dan

Started Karate aged 5


Isaac has been training for 7 years and initially started Karate classes to improve his balance and co-ordination at age 5 in our little lions club. 


He was recently awarded his senior 1st Dan black belt becoming the youngest student in Sakura's history to gain the grade.

Isaac has many years competition experience winning many medals and trophies along the way. He has been an assistant teaching the little lions for 2 years.