Our little lions classes (4-6 yrs) run on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:15am and classes (6-8 yrs) run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm. Classes are specifically designed to introduce very young children to Karate and the fun that comes from learning a martial art. 

The goal of these 30-45 minute classes is to nurture our little ones in a safe environment that allows their abilities and character to develop. All our little lions get a FREE trial lesson to make sure its something they like before you spend money. Following this it costs just £6 (30 minutes) & £7 (45 minutes).

Sessions improve hand and eye co-ordination, motor skills, balance, discipline, respect, flexibility and friendships.​


When the little ones turn 9 they graduate from little lions into our other Karate classes in our club - Shadow Karate Squad. See website here.


See our graduation page

Our TiNy TiGeRs classes (18 months - 3 yrs) run on Fridays at 4:45pm and Saturdays at 10am and are specifically designed to introduce toddlers to the Karate environment and prepare them for the Little Lions class.

The goal of these 30 minute classes is to get our toddlers to interact with other children and their parents in a safe environment that allows their character to develop. All our TiNy TiGeRs get a FREE trial lesson. Following this it costs just £4.

for ALL ages enrolling now
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We have classes at our DOJO for 9 years plus and adults.  

Why not check out our club website for more info


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Safety is our priority​​

At our DOJO we have have hundreds of pieces of equipment to use in classes and together with our foam matted floor these ensure our little ones have a safe and fun learning environment to train in. 

Personal equipment

Along with the equipment inside the DOJO students are also required to wear personal protective equipment to provide further safety and care when learning to kick/punch the kick bags. These help with correct hand and foot positions. Equipment can be purchased from the DOJO and is not required for the first few weeks while making sure little lions is right for your little one.

+ Hand mitts

+ Foot pads
+ Karate Suit & belt
+ Gum shield (optional)
+ Little lions bag 

+ Little lions t-shirt 

+ Little lions hoodie (optional)

Students can purchase 

Equipment and Membership packs online